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Mind Time Cards - $12.00


Mind Time Cards by Sharon Hackleman 

Mind Time Cards are a deck of 31 inspiring positive affirmation cards created by Sharon Hackleman and illustrated by Jessica Glickman. The SOUL purpose of creating the Mind Time Cards is to teach young minds about the magical powers of positive thought and the importance of feeling good about themselves - mind, body and spirit! 

"I had the pleasure of creating these cards while I was a counselor at a group home for young adult girls. I cherish the girls creative input and the opportunity to co create with them!" - Sharon Hackleman 


“Thanks so much - these will be perfect for our teen trauma recovery group!”-

Pamela Albers, LCSW, CATSM - Program Director of Community Outreach Services - Crescent House Healing Center


"The pictures are accessible and whimsical, the messages powerful and hit the spot!"

Annette Rasmussen, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist